SolaX Grid Connect and Hybrid Inverters

Grid Connect Inverters

SolaX Grid Connect Inverter features:

  • MPPT efficiency up to 99.9%
  • Low turn-on voltage, longer working time
  • High protection class IP65
  • RS485, Bluetooth, WIFI and 3G (optional) communication for monitoring

Hybrid Inverters

SolaX Hybrid Inverter features:

  • European and American made or designed key components
  • Highly effective solar power utilization
  • Long battery life by intelligent designed charging module
  • Increased proportion of self-use electricity generated by solar system

Data sheets and brochures

SolaX Brochure

SolaX brochure with corporate profile, inverter models and data sheets.


1.5kW - 3kW

SolaX X1 1.5kW – 3kW


3.3kW - 5kW

SolaX X1 3.3kW – 5kW


10kW - 17kW

SolaX X3 10kW – 17kW


Hybrid 3kW - 5kW

SolaX Hybrid 3kW – 5kW