Future Switch

Up to 10% of your power bill is used by appliances in standby mode!

Your home entertainment and computer systems are never really ‘off’. Standby power creates harmful greenhouse gasses as well as costing you money. In fact, according to Sustainability Victoria 10% of residential power is wasted by standby power. All that’s about to change. Future Switch, the clever plug, sits between your appliance power board or plug and your power point. Future Switch is operated by a wireless remote switch that can be easily placed in a convenient location in your home or office.

Easy to install (no electrician required) and easy to operate, Future Switch sits between your power board and your power point, operated by a wireless remote button. Enjoy peace of mind and lower power bills with Future Switch. It’s the affordable Australian innovation helping you switch off waste and switch on to saving energy and money.

For more information please visit the Future Range website at www.futurerange.com